HNS Table Top eXercise (TTX Ghana)

This EU Exercise is a project of the European Commission, DG ECHO (Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) in Brussels – specifically the CALL FOR TENDER NO. ECHO / A2 / SER / 2018/16. funded by European Union Civil Protection

The consortium, consisting of:

as well as the project partners:

Exercise Objective:

The objective of the HNS TTX is to practice emergency response structures at strategic and operational levels and improve inter-institutional co-operation in the area of Host Nation Support, also through Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs). The ultimate objective is to remove as much as possible any foreseeable obstacles to international assistance. This ensures that disaster response operations proceed smoothly.

Within the project, three HNS TTX has already conducted –

  • in Austria/Eisenerz (is conducted 21.-24.05.2019)
  • in Albania/Mirdita (is conducted 02.-05.07.2019)
  • finally, in Ghana/Accra (is conducted 03.-06.12.2019)

HNS Table-Top Exercise Accra, Ghana

the consortium was able to conduct the last Host Nation Support Exercise in Ghana with
NADMO – the National Disaster Management Organisation. NADMO was an excellent Partner during the exercise among other 9 Nations were involved in this Exercise. And the Feedback from all was Excellent – and even will be used to adapt Ghanian SOPs in Disaster Management.

Thanks to all participants and especially the Deputy Director General Mr. Seji Saji, who participated the whole duration of the exercise, although there was a public holiday – the Farmers Day on 6th December.

To read more about the Exercise in Ghana please click the link below, an article that has been written by the “Enviro-news-Nigeria” about; (Ghana’s NADMO, EU conduct maiden disaster response mockup exercise). The Article in PDF


HNS TTX Group Picture of 2 Observers and the Exercise Organizer in Ghana Dec.2019


Prof. Dr. Alois Hirschmugl with the Deputy Director General Mr. Seji Saji

EU ModEX (2017-2020)

General Information


The Module Exercises (MODEX) are financed by the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) and are part of an exercise’s series within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Modules and other Response Capacities already registered in the Common Emergency Communications and Information System (CECIS) were invited to apply for a participation in one of the Exercises. The main exercise objectives for the participants are to train self-sufficiency, interoperability, procedures and coordination as well as to use the exercise as a learning opportunity. EU MODEX also gives participating modules and other Response Capacities the opportunity for certification as European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) and for classification or re-classification to meet international standards for deployments in disasters.



Developments and training for humanitarian relief operations


In addition to the projects where the D.M.A.T. Consulting KG acts as a partner, it also takes on orders as a subcontractor. The activity of D.M.A.T. Consulting KG is based on experience in numerous humanitarian and civil defence assignments, training and runs its own projects, mostly developing solutions, tools, strategies and processes in the field of Disasters.


The Members in the international consortium of the upcoming ModEx of the EU are:



EU MODEX Austria/Eisenerz, 24.-27.05.2018


The first ModEx took place in October 2017 in England. This was followed by exercises in Denmark in January 2018 and in Bulgaria in March 2018.

In May 24th till 27th 2018 ModEx (Modular Exercise) was held in Austria, on Erzberg in Styria. The D.M.A.T. Consulting KG was entrusted by the Province of Styria for planning of this exercise. The ModEx Austria took place in the international training center of the Styrian Red Cross for “Urban Search and Rescue in alpine terrain”.

The D.M.A.T. Consulting KG was pleased to announce the exciting and challenging tasks of planning and implementing a 36-hours exercise for the training of two medium urban search and rescue teams from Greece and Lithuania, a Cave Rescue Team from Slovenia and a drone team from France. This work was in cooperation and carried out on behalf of the State of Styria, Department of Civil Protection and National Defence as a partner in the ModEx 2017-2018 consortium, involving Styrian rescue organizations, which was in Eisenerz.

EU Module Exercise 2018 / Lot 3 in Eisenerz, Austria

EU MODEX Group Picture Eisenerz 2018, Austria


you can also watch the lessons learned video of the MODEX in Eisenerz, Austria 2018 below:

previous Exercises within ModEX

MODEX 2017/2018


s part of the cycle of EU module exercises (ModEx) for 2017/2018, 5 module exercises had been carried out and completed in Great Britain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria and Romaian.

  1. United Kingdom/ Merseyside, 12.10.-15.10.2017
  2. Denmark/ Tinglev, 26.01.-29.01.2018
  3. Austria/ Eisenerz, 24.05.-27.05.2018
  4. Bulgaria/ Montana, 20.03.-23.03.2018
  5. Romania/ Bucharest, 14.10.-18.10.2018

Click here to see a Video of ModEX Exercise in Tinglev/ Denmark 2018

completed EU Module Exercise (ModEX) in 2019


  1. Denmark/ Tinglev, 25.01.-28.01.2019
  2. UK/ Merseyside, 15.03.-18.03.2019
  3. Estonia/ Saaremaa, 11.04. – 14.04.2019
  4. Portugal/ Fogueteiro Village, 04. – 07.11.2019

Click here to see a Video of ModEX Exercise in Portugal 2019


EU Modex 2019-2020


D.M.A.T. Consulting KG will again conduct in Eisenerz a MODEX 2020, this time with 3 Medium Urban Search and Rescue Teams(MUSAR), 1 Cave rescue team, one Emergency Temporary Shelter (ETC) and 2 drone teams.


EU-ModEX Pre Exercise Meeting Group Picture in Lisbon, Portugal


EU Plug In eXercise (PIX)

Exercise Overview

The exercises are so-called “PlugIn Exercises”. A corresponding number of teams should “dock” on an existing exercise and try out all processes – from deploying, arrival in the country, the inclusion of exercises up to relocating. Thus, the entire course of a disaster cycle is played through – from the beginning of a disaster, the national assistance, the request for international assistance, the entry and the arrival of international teams in the country concerned up to the relocation practiced

The Project Description:

Design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate 2 Plug In eXercises.

The Project’s Funder and Partners:

This Project is funded by European Union Civil Protection.

The Project’s Partners are:

Project’s Partners

The Exercise Objective:

The PIX was designed, planned, conducted and evaluated in close cooperation with the European Commission and the hosting organisations. The PIX provided real life circumstances to test and learn for international activations of the mechanism, including the interactions of EU- modules EUCPT (including TAST) and UNDAC. Specific focus on the broader emergency response community including humanitarian and other relevant international actors, also considering civil/military relations. PIX splits into two sub-exercises, the two PIX were conducted in the Caribbean with the Royal Dutch Navy as main contributor in September 2019.


Group Picture for EU Plug-In Caribbien Coast Exercise 2019