The Symbolic of DMAT Corporate Logo

The DMAT Globe Corporate Logo

Logo D.M.A.T. - Disastermanagement, disaster advice and -training globe

Logo Globe D.M.A.T. – Disastermanagement, disaster advice and -training

The globe, integrated in the DMAT Corporate Logo, stands for the worldwide readiness of our company to give support in the aftermath of major natural disaster or for the better preparedness and prevention of potential disaster events.

A butterfly is assocoated with different myths since ancient times. Our red butterfly integrated in the corporate design of D.M.A.T. Consulting KG symbolises the mythological meaning of the butterfly  to sum up rebirth and resurrection. Following amerindian myths the butterfly stands for the mercury for regeneration and the carrier of good news. And so the red colour of the butterfly symbolises energy of life.

This position we aim to follow with our work.