Sebastian Hirschmugl, MSc

About Sebastian Hirschmugl

Sebastian Hirschmugl

Sebastian Hirschmugl works within the company in project management for EU research projects such as Horizon 2020 and in EU Prevention and Preparedness projects.

He is also responsible for the office management and the back office, in particular, IT administration and Data protection.

He has his apprenticeship as office administrator in the management consultancy miraconsult e.U. completed.

Sebastian Hirschmugl has been an integral part of D.M.A.T team since September 2014 and he contributes his knowledge to project management and office organization.


Well-founded knowledge through numerous application experience

Sebastian has gained experience in the area of disaster control in the Lieboch volunteer fire brigade, where he has been active as an active member since 2004 also participated in the fire brigade youth from 1999 onwards.

Sebastian completed his master’s degree in “Risk Prevention and Disaster Management” at the University of Vienna in the winter semester of 2018 and wrote his master’s thesis “Blackout and Crisis Communication” during his studies.

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Master Thesis Introduction

Until a few years ago, the term blackout was generally still very rare or rather heard only in professional circles. Although there are now brochures, Folder and other materials that address this issue, a differentiation between a blackout to a power failure is still not very common in the population.
In the case of a blackout, as with any other event, this will attempt to resolve as quickly as possible and at the same time inform the public about the event and any action taken. But especially in a blackout communication is made difficult by the failure of “classic” means of communication, be possible. For me, this raises the question of the previous provision of good precaution and training for the potential victims and to what extent crisis communication already deals with the fact that in a black-out classic communication channels are only available to a limited extent.


In addition, he expands and deepens his knowledge in disaster control through courses on the European disaster control mechanism. Sebastian’s goal is to apply his knowledge in humanitarian aid operations and missions.