About DMAT Consulting KG

About DMAT Consulting KG

Advice, training and development of activities to support before, during and after natural disaster events

The name DMAT Consulting stands for Disaster Management Advice and Training (Disaster Management, Consulting and Training). In 2006, the D.M.A.T. E.U. was founded as a one-person company. The strong interest and need for research, innovation and training in crisis and disaster management in 2010 brought the decision to reorganise the company into today’s D.M.A.T. Consulting KG.

Our focus of activities

Focus of DMAT activities is on consulting, training and further development in the areas of

  • national and international disaster management,
  • promoting and strengthening disaster resilience (Disaster Resilience)
  • Civil Protection – Prevention and Preparedness

Another focus of our work is participation as a cooperation partner in

  • EU research projects (FP 7 / HORIZON 2020 around Space, Security) to develop the equipment used by the auxiliary staff, in the field of secure and reliable information gathering and evaluation.
  • Preparedness and Prevention Projects of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (Preparedness & Prevention).

DMAT Consulting KG is a member of ARGE PRO ETHIK and the Global Compact Network Austria.

Team members

The managing director is Mrs. Mag. Monika Hirschmugl-Fuchs.

Shareholder manager and expert in disaster management is Mag. Alois A. Hirschmugl.

Since September 2014, our team Sebastian Hirschmugl has strengthened as office manager and project assistant.

Read more about our members and their expertise Dr. Alois Hirschmugl, Mag. Monika Hirschmugl-Fuchs and Sebastian Hirschmugl.