SecureGas “Extended Components” Part 1

SecureGas Project has started a video campaign about it’s “Extended Components” which will presented once a week to explain in detail the description, objectives and the use in the project of all SecureGas extended components. 

the 1st Video is presented by ADPM Drones and it is about:

Autonomous docking station and UAV based asset management



SecureGas second Newsletter

SecureGas Newsletter, the second issue from Horizon 2020 SecureGas Projekt is now online:
SecureGas Newsletter n.2 – July 2020

In this issue you will read: 

  •  SecureGas -What’s new? COVID-19 impact on the project SecureGas
  • Business Cases – Recent developments and planned activities:
    – Business Case 1 (Greece)
    – Business Case 2 (Lithuania)
    – Business Case 3 (Italy)
  •  SecureGas social media – “Follow us and stay tuned!”
  • SecureGas: “We have been there!”

you can always follow SecureGas on it’s Social Media accounts:

Twitter:   @secure_gas
Linkedin: @SecureGas
Youtube:  SecureGas H2020 Project

Crisis Communication – Invitation to participate

Please participate and share the link in your network!

Crisis communication and information sharing are of high importance for the good overcoming of disaster events. In H2020 research project SecureGas we are working on the challenges of crisis communication and -information in case of disruptions of critical infrastructure in gas networks.

A master thesis at the university of Vienna, department for risk prevention and disaster management, addresses the topic. The author has developed a survey (Communication and information sharing in case of disruptions to gas critical infrastructure networks) aiming to get information from SecureGas partner, SecureGas Stakeholder, relevant governmental responsibilities in crisis management and emergency services.  The (anonymous) answers will directly contribute to the need-based development of crisis communication in SecureGas project.

We would kindly appreciate if you could answer the questionnaire and share it with colleagues in that field.

Here is the link to the survey: The survey will be open until June 7th latest.

Thank you for your support.

Please share the link also in your network.

The team of D.M.A.T. Consulting KG:

This information can also be found on SecureGas project website.

SecureGas Newsletter & Media

The Newsletter

As one of the 21 International Partners in the multidisciplinary SecureGas Team we are pleased to announce you that the first SecureGas Newsletter is officially Online.

Newsletter No.1 for December 2019

The Website

Please click below for more Information about this EU Funded Project, that will increase the security and resilience of the European gas network, considering physical and cyber threats.

SecureGas Webpage

SecureGas Webpage

Social Media

You can also follow the Project’s useful Publication Links to explore more about this EU Project such as :

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