SecureGas “Extended Components” Part 2

The second Video of “SecureGas extended Components” presented to you by RINA and it is about:
“A3 – Onshore Landslide Susceptibility and Alert/Monitoring System”.

These components have been “extended” – that is improved and integrated – to meet the needs of end users, addressing and solving the proposed business cases scenarios, adopting the most innovative technological solutions, without forgetting cost control and an easy and scalable deployment.


SecureGas third Newsletter

The third issue from Horizon 2020 SecureGas Projekt is now online

please click on the link bellow to read or to download it:

SecureGas Newsletter n.3 – November 2020

In this issue:

  • Overview of the project – what happened and what is coming up
  • SecureGas Extended Components: background, description, development process, etc.
    • the specific use of exteneded components in Business Case 1, Business Case 2, Business Case 3
    • The extended components graph
  • SecureGas publications

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SecureGas – Security for the European gas network

SecureGas Logo

SecureGas Logo

Security and resilience for the gas network

SecureGas is a Research Project in the EU Framework Program H2020 for Research and Innovation, aiming to strengthen the security and resilience of the European Gas Network.

The gas network is complex by nature and highly interconnected. It crosses borders, utilizes a variety of different transportation pipelines, and is served by numerous diverse storage arrangements. All this complexity makes it a relevant example of Critical Infrastructure (CI) vulnerable to disruption by natural disasters, accidents, cyber-attacks, malicious behaviour, criminal activity or terrorism.

How the SecureGas Consortium will contribute to the strengthening of the European gas network through research and development, is outlined in the first press release of the italian project coordinator RINA. We are happy to be one of 21 partners in the multidisciplinary SecureGas Team. For more Information about this EU Project please click here.

Here you can read the press release as a PDF document: 1st press release Secure Gas