EU Table Top eXercise (TTX)

Lot3 – HNS TTX

Exercise Overview

The exercises are so-called Table Top Exercises (TTX)  / staff exercises on “Host Nation Support“, focusing on in-depth training of the key personnel. It covers the entire course of a disaster cycle – from the beginning of a disaster, national assistance, the request for international assistance, entry, transit and the arrival of international teams in the affected country to the relocation.

Exercise Framework:

Cooperation between all civil protection actors involved in emergency management so that any international assistance can be integrated quickly and effectively within the local emergency response mechanisms.

The Host National Support (HNS) Guidelines aim at assisting and supporting the affected participating state to receive international assistance in the most effective and efficient manner, whether in the preparedness or disaster response phases.

The Project’s Funder and Partners:

This project is funded by European Union Civil Protection

the Partners are:


Project’s Partners


Exercise Objective:

The objective of the HNS TTX is to practice emergency response structures at strategic and operational levels, and improve inter-institutional co-operation in the area of Host Nation Support, also through Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs). The ultimate objective is to remove as much as possible any foreseeable obstacles to international assistance. This ensures that disaster response operations proceed smoothly.

Within the project, three HNS TTX will be conducted –

  • in Austria/Eisenerz (is conducted 21.-24.05.2019)
  • in Albania/Mirdita (is conducted 02.-05.07.2019)
  • finally in Ghana/Accra (is planned 03.-06.12.2019)

TTX1 Exercise Participants (Austria):

The participants were 15 experts from Austria and 25 members from 12 Nations (Ghana, Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia).

Group Picture for IDMEX TTX 1 in Austria Eisenerz


TTX2 in Albania (Mirdita)

The Participant were 13 members from 9 different Nations

Group Picture of TTX2 for the Participants, Trainers in Albania

TTX3 in Ghana (Accra)

10 Nations were involved at the 3rd EU Host National Support (HNS) Exercise in Ghana

Opening of Host National Support Exercise in Ghana

Group Picture of the Consortium at the EU HNS Exercise in Ghana December 2019

SecureGas – Security for the European gas network

SecureGas Logo

SecureGas Logo

Security and resilience for the gas network

SecureGas is a Research Project in the EU Framework Program H2020 for Research and Innovation, aiming to strengthen the security and resilience of the European Gas Network.

The gas network is complex by nature and highly interconnected. It crosses borders, utilizes a variety of different transportation pipelines, and is served by numerous diverse storage arrangements. All this complexity makes it a relevant example of Critical Infrastructure (CI) vulnerable to disruption by natural disasters, accidents, cyber-attacks, malicious behaviour, criminal activity or terrorism.

How the SecureGas Consortium will contribute to the strengthening of the European gas network through research and development, is outlined in the first press release of the italian project coordinator RINA. We are happy to be one of 21 partners in the multidisciplinary SecureGas Team. For more Information about this EU Project please click here.

Here you can read the press release as a PDF document: 1st press release Secure Gas

About D.M.A.T Consulting KG



D.M.A.T. Consulting KG offers services in the field of disaster management. Our range of services includes consultancy before and during crisis and disaster events, training to provide mutual assistance to the affected population as well as to the responsible decision makers after natural disaster events.




Focus of DMAT activities is on consulting, training and further development in the areas of

  • national and international disaster management
  • promoting and strengthening disaster resilience (Disaster Resilience)
  • Civil Protection – Prevention and Preparedness

Evakuation of Wheel Chair Users



The D.M.A.T. Consulting KG participates in projects development of preventive measures and deployment solutions in disaster situations.

Our company combines its own field experience with innovative technologies and knowledge from disaster management. In addition to innovative and functional equipment and solutions for emergency services, overall concepts for the population in crisis situations are also being developed and tested.


GEOVISION – Clarification of the situation
on the field. Observe, collect data, weigh situation and act



“We cannot stop natural Disasters, but we can arm ourselves with Knowledge, so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough Disaster Preparedness” By Petra Nemcova




The Projects where D.M.A.T Consulting KG is involved as a Partner:


The Projects where D.M.A.T Consulting KG is involved as a Subcontractor:

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Spartacus Project







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