SecureGas “Extended Components” Part 2

The second Video of “SecureGas extended Components” presented to you by RINA and it is about:
“A3 – Onshore Landslide Susceptibility and Alert/Monitoring System”.

These components have been “extended” – that is improved and integrated – to meet the needs of end users, addressing and solving the proposed business cases scenarios, adopting the most innovative technological solutions, without forgetting cost control and an easy and scalable deployment.


SecureGas “Extended Components” Part 1

SecureGas Project has started a video campaign about it’s “Extended Components” which will presented once a week to explain in detail the description, objectives and the use in the project of all SecureGas extended components. 

the 1st Video is presented by ADPM Drones and it is about:

Autonomous docking station and UAV based asset management