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Who is D.M.A.T.

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Alois Hirschmugl Dr. Alois A. HIRSCHMUGL, is a regular officer (Brigadier General) working with the Austrian Armed Forces and a management consultant with special experiences in international disaster management of the United Nations (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Stand-by team member - 8 missions) and the European Commission - Community Mechanism/Civil Protection (2 EU assessment mission).
Trainer and guest lecturer for international disaster mangement, legal aspects in disaster management operations and Peace Support Operations, as well as for socio-economic effects of disaster and for civil and military cooperation for international/ national organizations, universities etc.
Research work for different studies and standardization. External legal expert at the International Criminal Court in Den Haag. Author of the handbook “Einsatzrecht für Friedensunterstützende, Humanitäre und Katastropheneinsätze” about legal aspects during Peace Support Operations, national and international disaster relief operations. Foundation Board Member of the Global Humanitarian Forum Geneva with Kofi A. Annan. Different projects with “miraconsult e.U.” (www.miraconsult.at)

Education& Training
http://www.medienhaus-krois.at/index.php?article=115                                                                            http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alois_Hirschmugl


Pictures: http://www1.mdw.at/start.php?site=person&id=12302

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Mag. Monika HIRSCHMUGL-Fuchs, Business Manager of DMAT Consulting KG. She is the owner of miraconsult e.U. and has studied business administration.  After two years experience in a bank, she has worked as trainer and project coordinator and for more than 6 years in the regional management of a Styrian NGO. In 1999 she founded miraconsult e.U. , a SME for business consulting and mediation. Her core interest and competences are sustainable development and evaluation of sustainability for enterprises and NGO´s. She is involved in different social development and participation projects and processes.
In this context she is used to raise awareness for sustainable innovation, involving ethical and gender aspects, accessibility and diversity issues. She is certified management consultant with special knowledge in environmental management, quality management and risk management, as well as evaluation of sustainability and business mediation. Additionally she is competent with social networks and methods of knowledge management and supported students in this topics. 


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